• June 18, 2019 - June 20, 2019
    7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


The final Club Dinner of term will be on Tuesday the 18th of June at St Aldates Tavern. Maximum party size is three - each member can book in a maximum of two guests.

There will be pre dinner drinks from 7:00pm, sitting down at 7:30pm.

£15 for two courses, £20 for three. Corkage £5.

St Aldates have asked us to be a bit more strict about corkage. We will therefore be checking if you have brought wine with you on the door and cross-referencing with the list to see if you ordered corkage. If you decide to bring wine last minute please bring £5 in cash and let us know. Please then deposit your bottle top or cork into the pot to be counted.


gridiron menu june 2019


  •  Aurelia Aslangul
  •  Tom Asprey
  •  Alexander Astor
  •  Ines Barrowcliff
  •  Alexander Chalk
  •  Alex Deak
  •  Johnny Dewhurst
  •  Cian Doherty
  •  Freddie Gate
  •  Harry Goaman
  •  Sapphire Graham
  •  Matthew Willetts Guest
  •  Barnaby Harrison
  •  Lucas Jones
  •  Mariella Letman
  •  Hannah McLintock
  •  Luke Pitman
  •  Ramsy Polding
  •  Sophie Rogers
  •  Iona Rowan
  •  Alexander Rutherford
  •  Eppie Sharp
  •  James Slater
  •  Hetty Stanley
  •  Alexander Watson
  •  Hector Watson
  •  Matthew Willetts